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Compliance Training Platform that Auditors Trust

As a Quality Manager, lead your team to success with focused, compliance-driven training and avoid costly mistakes, prevent accidents, and stay consistently compliant & audit-ready.

Quality Managers love meeting requirements. Thats why they choose LearnCove

AmodernLearning Platform tailored for QualityManagement

Customized Compliance Modules

Time-stamped reports

Real-time Monitoring and Reporting

Automated Audit Preparedness

Support for logging processes

We help Quality Managers improve


Online training can lead to a more than 25% increase in information retention rates, compared to traditional classroom learning.


Companies with effective training programs and LMS solutions have a 24% higher profit margin compared to those that do not invest in training.


Organizations using eLearning and LMS platforms report that employees typically spend 40-60% less time in training compared to traditional classroom-based training.

Trusted by Quality Managers

We are excited about the opportunities LearnCove presents for streamlining Skeljungur's processes. The user-friendly interface holds particular importance for us, given that we have employees from various departments using the software.

Ingunn Þóra Jóhannesdóttir

Quality Manager at Skeljungur fuel distributor

AcessdataInsights with Ease,Tailoredto Your Preferences

In the dynamic realm of Quality Management, where precision and compliance matter most, generic platforms often fall short.

Learncove bridges the gap, offering tailored solutions that deeply understand and address the unique challenges of compliance, risk mitigation, and audit readiness.

With filtering, accessible progress overview and dashboards you can easily monitor your employee progress making sure your business is compliant.

Deliver compliance training

Offer your employees an intuitive and effective way to complete compliance training

Optimize efficiency with automated training processes, including enrollment, deadlines, and annual audit renewals. Standardise compliance procedures organisation-wide.

Work with auditors and collaborators

Produce reports and data on demand and deliver when needed.

Seamlessly create reports about employee training and processes and allow your collaborators to view the data on time-staped compliance training.

Generate certificates and automatic reminders of refresher training

Automatically generate certificates for your employees when a mandatory course is complated

Effortlessly manage refresher training with precision. Automated reminders will be sent to learners as compliance training approaches expiration, eliminating the need for constant calendar monitoring.