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Whether you are onboarding and teaching necessary skills to new employees, managing risk through professional compliance training or looking to share your training content easily with your clients, we’ve got you covered. Our system is easy to use, cloud-based and tried and tested across multiple industries and markets.

HR Manager

Onboard, develop, and skill
up employees.

Increase productivity

Lower cost & save time

Increase employee retention

Quality Manager

Take employees through professional compliance training

Prepare for audits & inspections

Reduce risk!

Increase productivity

Training Providers

Easily scale & distribute content to clients

Consolidate learning content

Easily distribute the content

Re-purpose content for more value

The Training & Compliance Management System designed to get employees ready and auditors happy


Simplify a million onboarding & development tasks

Employees need to be onboarded and continuously developed. Create seamless teaching, learning, and training programs in over 130 languages. Track progress and enable trainers and trainees to chat in real time.


Compliance training that meets inspection standards

Companies are required to comply to rules, regulations and standards. Create professional training programs through courses, tests and surveys, track progress through an easy to use dashboard and impress auditors and quality inspectors with time-stamped reports.


Re-use and effectively distribute the content you have

Do you feel like you could do more with your training and content? Don’t wait any longer, start maximizing the value of your content. Consolidate, organise, and distribute the content in a super effective, seamless, and easy-to-understand way to clients through online courses.

Trusted by Human Resources, Quality Managers and Educational Platforms

LearnCove is invaluable for customizing training across units. Its user-friendly interface enables scheduling mandatory training and building a diverse library. Language support ensures accessibility for multinational staff.

Pálmi Hafþór Ingólfsson

Project manager education and health

With LearnCove every seafarer and fishermen in Iceland goes through the theoretical part of the refresher training online and when they have completed their training they come to us for on-site safety training, saving them travel costs and time.

Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue

Bogi Þorsteinsson

Principal of The Maritime Safety and Survival Training Centre

Bogi Þorsteinsson Principal of The Maritime Safety and Survival Training Centre

Three ways to use our product

No matter who you want to train, LearnCove is purpose-built for every audience to be trained equally.

Upload your Content

With our user-friendly course builder, you can share your knowledge effortlessly—no coding or design expertise is required.

Add company to your training network

Connect with your customers with the content they want, at scale. Distribute PDFs, audio clips, and more.

Scale your business

LearnCove offers an easy solution to manage your training network, create content, and schedule - at scale.


    of employees will stay longer when a company invests in career development.



    of business leaders believe L&D is either highly important or critical for business success



    Employees who frequently engage with learning platforms are more likely to have received a promotion in the last 3 years.



    of organisations report that their approach to L&D is critical to employee retention


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