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As a training provider, generate revenue by creating highly professional training courses, classes, and programs by utilizing educational materials across various sources, channels, and formats.

Forward thinking Content Creators choose Learncove

Create your content using our flexible platform

Upload videos to any course or group

Upload or embed files

Mix and match different learning options

Drag and drop files from your centralised learning database

Create certificates

Automatically create certificates for your customers when a course is finished.

Seamlessly automate certificate generation, ensuring personalized and professional recognition for your customers upon course completion. Upgrade your training experience with LearnCove.

Offer customised customer portals

By offering your customers specific portals through LearnCove, they can monitor their employee progress and export reports in their branded environment.

What distinguishes our portals is their remarkable scalability—illustrated by a single customer efficiently overseeing multiple portals.

Lower Costs

Efficiency meets cost-effectiveness. By implementing our platform, training providers can scale their content in an efficient matter, repurposing the content they created to fit their customers needs.

Efficiently tailor and distribute material to various clients, fostering adaptability, wider reach, and enhanced training effectiveness across diverse audiences.

Trusted by Training Providers

We use LearnCove for digital education for our students in which case the language support the software offers is extremely valuable. It has proved to be instrumental in some cases for the students to be able to navigate the material.

Ásdís V Pálsdóttir

Assistant Master at the Icelandic College of Fisheries

LearnCove has been helpful for us in striking the right balance between scalability and customization since we are a platform for the education and training of the future. LearnCove allows us to tailor content for our customers via dedicated portals.

Gudmundur Gudmundsson

CEO at Akademias Training Provider

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Offer companies the flexibility their employees want. 89% of employees want to access training anywhere, any time.


Save your clients money as companies report using up to 60% of total training cost to travel.


20% of companies report that an LMS tool with language support is important to them. Don't miss out on selling your content to these companies.