Product Overview

Centralised software for training, processes and audits

Discover the main features of LearnCove's platform where users can deliver, manage, and track compliance training and processes all in one place.

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Optimise Company Training with LearnCove


Access content from your chosen partners

Easily access the content you buy from the content providers of your choice through LearnCove. We enable stakeholders to work together seamlessly through our training ecosystem - no content lock-in.


Intuitive Software

Our main focus has been to streamline, simplify and reduce friction in employee training. We have therefore developed our software so that the user experience requires no onboarding, training or teaching. Simply log in and start the training.


Automated workflows

Streamline employee training and daily processes within a single platform, offering a unique approach to optimizing company procedures, training and processes.

Meet multilingual challenges by offering language support in over 130 languages

Address the complexities of multilingual training by providing instant, automatic translations across more than 130 languages.

Language support

Ensure understanding of important compliance training with questionnaires. Further improve translations by granting translators access to important training content and facilitating a bilingual chat feature that allows seamless interaction between trainers and trainees, breaking down language barriers and fostering a more effective learning environment.



Equip your team with essential knowledge and identify learning gaps with LearnCove's reports on demand, covering course progress, certification, accreditation, and assessments.


Tailored Company Training

Our Portals feature is designed for simplicity, offering customizable and efficient ways to craft unique learning experiences tailored to every audience. Manage your content at scale!



Streamline employee training and daily processes within a single platform, offering a unique approach to optimize company procedures.


Offline support

Learn anytime, anywhere with LearnCove's offline access for uninterrupted training. No internet connection required.

Manage, create and track compliance training

LearnCove is designed to provide all the essential features for quick and effective training delivery, all within a single user-friendly platform. Explore ways to design unparalleled educational journeys for your staff, partners, and clients with LearnCove.

Fewer claims and crisis

Create Courses and Content through Portals

Easily customize and deliver training through portals for distinct audiences or operational units. Automated workflow allows onboarding training to be readily available for your employees based on their need-to-know depending on their role.
Claims, injuries, raw material loss, and crises are costly and time-consuming. Improved training tailored to employee roles, transparent processes, and measurable outcomes improve the bottom line.

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Automated workflows

Connection to systems

LearnCove links with your current systems to establish a smooth workflow, saving your operation time and streamlining access for employees. Through single sign-on, employees can easily reach their assigned training and processes, as well as search through your company's resource library. We integrate your training vendors and systems into an ecosystem customized for your operation.

Compliance is key

Track Progress and access data on demand

LearnCove is the online platform designed for companies to enhance every aspect of their supply chain through strategic training and a reliable quality control framework that managers and inspectors can trust.

Brim x Learncove

Brim Seafood company uses portals and language support to meet the training needs of the company.